MasterLibrary K12 Software Benefits

Discover a world of quality improvements for your school district, regardless of its size.

Improve quality
Improve the quality of your district's facility operations and administration with easy-to-setup and use, secure, cloud-based software that affordably automates routine labor-intensive tasks.
ML Schedules
Facility Use Requests.

Eliminate overbooking with a self-updating automated system.

Ensure Facility Use Requests can only be submitted for available spaces.

Reduce Request processing time to minutes instead of days or weeks.

Report with ease on almost any aspect of your district's Facility Usage including events, support staff and equipment needed, and revenue.

Improve cost recovery initiatives with online payment capabilities for community group usage fees.

Avoid misunderstandings and wasted time with automated live email notifications to everyone involved in each phase of the Request process.

Automatically synchronize public-view event calendars embedded on the district's website with pending and/or approved Requests.

ML Work Orders
Work Orders (including Preventative Maintenance)

Improve quality of Work Order documentation so staff and contractors can resolve the problem quickly and efficiency.

Optimize your district's Work Order approval process with customizable paths, field and space names, and other automation options.

Improve the management of one-time, routine and Preventative Maintenance Work Orders.

Easily report on virtually any aspect of your district's Work Order system including by status, type, expenses and other parameters

ML Assets
Asset Management

Improve accuracy of fixed-asset record creation and routine inventory cycles.

Increase quality of reports with real-time data and flexible, customizable filters and report formats.

ML Projects
Capital Project Construction Administration

Increase team member transparency among all organizations to easily identify and resolve project bottlenecks.

Improve quality and consistency of project administration documentation via automated reporting for all team members.

Improve quality of project handover documentation with an entire project history that can be securely transferred to the project owner electronically.

ML Binders
Electronic Facility Records Management

Improve quality, accuracy and comprehensiveness of facility-related data.

Improve disaster recovery initiatives with cloud-based data storage that is impervious to natural disasters that can affect paper documents.