MasterLibrary K12 Software Benefits

Discover a world of financial benefits for your school district, regardless of its size.

Reduce expenses
Reduce operational expenses, improve cost recovery efforts, and save your district big bucks with subscription pricing that even small districts can afford with fast Return On Investment!
ML Schedules
Facility Use Requests.

Dramatically reduce support-staff labor expenses related to Facility Use Request management by 50% or more over paper-based systems.

Decrease your district's annual software subscription cost by 50% or more over most other cloud-based facility request applications.

Reduce expenses by avoiding the need to subscribe to optional community request capabilities that are standard in ML Schedules™ Software.

Increase cost recovery initiatives with increased facility usage fees including required support staff and equipment.

Reduce potential district liability costs by automating the collection and storage of valid insurance certificates for community groups.

Reduce operational costs and support green initiatives by eliminating most of the paperwork and storage costs associated with Facility Requests.

ML Work Orders
Work Orders (including Preventative Maintenance)

Decrease your district's annual software subscription cost by 50% or more over most other cloud-based Work Order applications.

Reduce support-staff labor expenses related to Work Order submission, response, completion and closeout.

Eliminate additional costs for optional IT work order applications.

Extend the life of facility systems with an optional Preventative Maintenance (PM) module that automatically schedules routine PM Work Orders.

ML Assets
Asset Management

Reduce support-staff labor expenses related to the capture and creation of fixed-asset records with direct bar-code reader integration.

Dramatically decrease the labor costs associated with inventory cycles.

Stay on top of depreciation costs with real-time data.

Reduce expenses associated with decentralized, inaccessible storage of inventory records and supporting data.

Save money with easy access to install times, expected lifetimes, and warranty information.

ML Projects
Capital Project Construction Administration

Dramatically reduce the labor costs associated with the management of Submittals, RFIs, ASIs, Contracts, Field Orders/RFPs, Proposals, Change Orders, and Punch Lists.

Reduce labor expenses for facilities staff, architects, CM firms and contractors using intuitive industry-standard forms and processes.

Save money with affordable subscription costs and flexible options.

ML Binders
Electronic Facility Records Management

Reduce the labor costs associated with service calls with instant access to real-time data including O&M manuals, maintenance records, and floor plans

Reduce or eliminate documentation storage costs while reducing your district's environmental footprint.

Support cost-saving Preventive Maintenance and Risk Management strategies and initiatives at your district.