MasterLibrary K12 Software Benefits

Discover a world of stakeholder satisfaction for your school district, regardless of its size.

From district staff to community members, MasterLibrary™ Software is purpose built for K12 districts with simple, intuitive and customizable procedures and uncluttered screens that make everyone's life easier.
ML Schedules
Facility Use Requests.

Dramatically reduce the labor and hassle required to respond to and manage Facility Use Requests for district administrative staff.

Automatically ensure that district support personnel such as custodians and AV technicians are up-to-date on required event needs.

Keep internal district and external community group managers informed of Facility Request status updates.

Integrated invoicing functions make life easier for district business office staff while improving cost recovery initiatives.

Centralize Request data in one place with available direct integration with Google Calendar, athletic scheduling software, facilities automation applications and LDAP.

ML Work Orders
Work Orders (including Preventative Maintenance)

Reduce the labor required by district staff to submit Work Orders.

Reduce the time it takes for facilities staff to respond to and complete submitted Work Orders.

Improve response and completion times for contractors.

Easily report on virtually any aspect of your district's Work Order system by facilities and business office staff.

ML Assets
Asset Management

Make inventory cycles a breeze for support staff with bar-code reader integration.

Easily generate real-time reports for facilities and business office use.

ML Projects
Capital Project Construction Administration

Make life easier for all project team members with automated processing of Submittals, RFIs, ASIs, Contracts, Field Orders/RFPs, Proposals, Change Orders, and Punch Lists.

Improve the project hand-off process for the owner, architect, Construction Manager and other team members with electronic binders of As Built drawings plus a complete searchable historic database.

ML Binders
Electronic Facility Records Management

Make life easier for facilities staff and contractors with instant access to realtime data including O&M manuals, maintenance records, and floor plans.

Keep all kinds of electronic facility records up-to-date and accessible to those who need it when they need it.