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Event Public View Options for District Websites

Posted on January 15, 2016

ML Schedules™ Facility Use Software now allows School Districts to display their Event information within their public website in three different visual formats:

  • List
  • Calendar
  • Grid
  • Dated List

The display of events from a District’s ML Schedules Software account onto its public website is implemented by the District’s webmaster using code found in the software's Admin tools.

In addition to these four public views for district website-embedded calendars, Admins, Request Managers and Athletic Directors can also set approved requests (i.e., events) to be visible or hidden on the public calendar. This feature is helpful to block off times from being requested on a district's web-based calendar without having to provide details of the currently booked event.

View this short video with examples of district embedded-website public view calendars from ML Schedules™ Software.