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Create a Custom Field and Assign to a Facility Use Request Form By Space

Posted on March 8, 2017

ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software allows District Admins to create customized fields to be included in an online Facility Use Request form associated with a specific Space or Spaces.

While ML Schedules™ Software includes more than 20 standard Request form fields in three categories (Additional Information, Equipment and Personnel), school districts sometimes need to add a unique non-standard field to a Request form.

For example, an Auditorium may have specific equipment/setup options that can only be requested at that space. The district could create a custom Equipment field called “Spotlight” and associate it with the Facility Use Request form for the Space named “Auditorium.” Unless specified by the Admin, this custom field would not appear on Request forms associated with any other district Space in ML Schedules™ Software.