Facility Managers
Tired of wasting time to hunt for your system-specific manuals and drawings such as HVAC or IT systems? Use ML Binders™ Software to create a binder to centralize your critical documents with the ability to upload facility documents by system or building.
District-wide systems documentation can be stored in a single binder or organized by building for flexibility based on your organization’s specific needs.

Facility Managers’ Favorite Features

User Management.
Control who is able to access facility records with specific privileges including view, upload and administration.

Binder Management.
Set up binders by location or by system. Control who can view, upload, and manage electronic facility records in each binder.

Image Navigation.
Create an easy way to navigate to specific binders and files by using linked area on images. Image navigation allows the creation of a pictorial indexes to find a specific binder or file by drilling down from the campus level to a building and specific floor(s). Example: O&M documentation for a rooftop air-handler can easily be viewed by selecting the linked area on an image of the roof.

Time Savings.
No more having to hunt for critical drawings and manuals in cluttered record rooms. Have every document you need for a facility audit at your fingertips.

Mobile Access
View key facilities documents in the field from any web connected phones and tablets.

Space Savings.
Know that critical facility documents are stored safely and securely at your staff’s fingertips without needing have physical documents taking up much needed educational space.

Direct integration with the following applications

ML Work Order
ML Project
Active Directory