MasterLibrary™ Binders™ Facility & Systems Documentation Software

Leverage facility documentation to reduce expenses and increase efficiency

MasterLibrary Binders Features

Convert facilities and systems documentation to electronic format, store and manage in the cloud; then access 24/7 with any web- connected device for on-site operational efficiency with fast Return On Investment. Call 585.270.6676 today to see what MasterLibrary™ Binders™ software can do for your organization.

MasterLibrary Binders saves you time and money.

Facility Owners & Managers: Features and Benefits

What's the operational value of the ability to find any facility drawing, documentation or record in 30 seconds or less from any web-enabled device? Facility maintenance staff, contractors and vendors reduce service call completion time and related costs resulting in increased satisfaction for building occupants. MasterLibrary™ Binders™ software provides these and other features and benefits to school districts, municipalities, colleges and universities, and other building owners and facility managers.

Instant retrieval of facility drawings, project documentation, O&M manuals and more
Improve staff/vendor service call efficiency, reduce completion times and decrease costs
Flexible cataloging of documentation organized by campus, building, system and other options
Save staff and vendor time using intuitive forms and flexible search options
Centralized, secure storage of contracts, insurance certificates and other legal documents
Support Preventive Maintenance and Risk Management strategies and initiatives
Completely electronic records with catalog database developed for facility owners
Reduce or eliminate documentation storage costs while reducing environmental footprint
Integrated QR code capabilities for specific spaces, equipment and devices
Reduce the time for staff and vendors to find room, equipment and device-specific data
Real-time, secure access via any web-enabled device
Improve emergency preparedness and reduce routine service completion times
Flexible levels of upload, cataloging and access authorization
Meet unique organizational needs with flexible account, binder and section settings
Secure storage with dual backup redundancy and industry-leading encryption
Increase security of data making it impervious to natural and man-made disasters
Centralized electronic data repository that can easily be added to and managed
Improve succession planning with technical knowledge that will never leave the premises
MasterLibrary Schedules saves you time and money.

Contractors: Features and Benefits

Differentiate your contracting firm while meeting project electronic-file requirements with MasterLibrary™ Binders™ software. Serving as a turnkey electronic repository of final project documentation including drawings, products, specs, O&M manuals and more, Binders can be securely accessed anywhere, anytime via a web-enabled device for onsite tablet or office desktop use. Here are select features and benefits ML Binders™ software provides to contractor firms.

Completely electronic, cataloged As Built documentation for your customers
Improve client satisfaction while meeting project requirements for electronic documentation
Real-time, secure access to project data via any web-enabled device
Increase efficiency with instant access to vital project data virtually anytime, anywhere
Innovative, intuitive application built for the Construction community
Reduce learning time with intuitive system that works the same way you do
Flexible cataloging options based on facility, location, system and custom categories
Meet your firm's unique needs no matter what aspect of a facility you deal with
Completely electronic records with catalog database developed for contractors
Reduce or eliminate documentation storage, printing and delivery costs
Customizable options including company branding including logo and color schemes
Enhance your firm's brand perception and distinguish yourself from competitors

"For me to have everything in one spot is so much better. I used to have to track everything from e-mails to contract numbers. Now everything is all together where it's easy to find and share."
- Cheryl, Project Coordinator, Young + Wright Architectural, NY

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MasterLibrary Binders™ Facility & Systems Documentation Software reduces Total Cost of Ownership with the ability for staff, contractors and vendors to find any facility record - including systems drawings and O&M manuals - in 30 seconds or less.