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Custom Dynamic Fields and Sections

Posted on April 24, 2018

ML Work Orders™ Software now provides districts with the ability to create custom dynamic fields, categorize them by a custom-named section, and apply the fields to Work Order requests, Preventative Maintenance procedures and Assets.
     This allows additional data of value to districts to be collected during the Work Order process.
     For example, a custom field section called Dimensions could contain  custom Height, Width and Depth numeric fields. The Dimensions section could then be added to Work Order requests that required equipment dimensions to be entered.
     The following custom dynamic fields types are now available in the software:
  • Single-select Dropdown
  • Multi-select Dropdown
  • Checkbox
  • Text box
  • Radio button
     These custom fields can have the following data types:
  • Numeric
  • Date
  • Decimal
  • String
  • Currency
The graphic above shows dynamic field sections, list of fields, and creation of a new custom field.

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