ML Projects™ Module Listing

Reduce project admin time by up to 50% or more while improving team accountability.

MasterLibrary Project Features

Here are currently available MasterLibrary™ Projects™ software modules and related tools designed for owners, Architects and Construction Management firms. Please call 585.270.6676 for pricing, answers to questions, or to schedule a demo.

ML Projects™ Base Edition

Pre-Bid Requests for Information
(Pre-Bid RFI)
Issued RFIs can be opened for discussion, redirected or simply responded to. Visible to all team members via a real-time RFI log that shows status, "ball in court," days at, and "stuck" requests.
Architects Supplemental Instructions
Architects can issue ASIs and send to CMs, GCs and other team members for acknowledgment and tracking. Related RFPs can easily be created from ASIs.
Requests for Information
Issued RFIs can be opened for discussion, redirected or simply responded to. Visible to all team members via a real-time RFI log that shows status, "ball in court," days at, and "stuck" requests.
Submittals Like RFIs, MasterLibrary takes the process and paperwork required for Submittals and puts them on the cloud for 24/7 access via any smart device. Create, issue, manage and track Submittals tied to specific projects, contracts and issues. All in-progress and completion notes and related files are stored in one secure place. Easy download of a zip file containing all related Submittals.
Field Observations Easily document daily field observations including non-conforming work items using a tablet or smart phone in the field.
Punch Lists Track items that need more work on a room-by-room basis, organize by discipline, view completion notes, and get real-time views of Punch List items that are open, ready for review or closed. Walkthrough View for Punch List Owner and Contractor on-site item completion documentation.
Folders and Files (FTP) FTP utility with file count and ML Equipment List integration.
Correspondence Summary Page Project-based email tool for those emails that need to be tracked.
Project Team Contact information for every team member with easy user access level views for Project Admins.
My Action Items View all Action Items assigned to you in real time. Easily view details and complete tasks all on-site from any smart device.

Meeting Notes, Transmittals, Memos and Tasks (optional)

Meeting Notes Track meeting notes, decisions needed and made, Action Items and program requirements under related Meeting Series.
Transmittals This important tool can greatly reduce the turnaround time associated with generating, responding to and completing these vital standard construction project documents.
Memos Memos can be sent to anyone on a project team for a more formal alternative to email.
Tasks Quickly assign Tasks to project members (or yourself) and track including completion notes for delegated items.
Lists To Do list helps easily track special projects or activities.

Contracts, Field Orders/RFPs, Proposals and Change Orders (optional)

Contracts / Scopes of Work Create new Contracts that, once implemented, provide a powerful real-time view of project costs. View contracts independently or all at once. Color-coded summary sheets highlight potential problem items for resource realignment. Run reports by budget code and funding sources that can be setup on a per-project basis. New Feature: We have added the option to create an Internal Scope of Work to use with Internal Work Orders.
Field Orders / Request For Proposals (RFPs) [Also known as Information Bulletins (IBs)] This tool helps manage minor changes in project scope as well as RFPs. Features include automated real-time log creation, intuitive workflow and forms, and links to related RFIs and issued Proposals. FOs can also be linked to a Change In Condition, Issue justification, Contract or Scope of Work for comprehensive reporting.
Proposals Contractors can submit a proposal in response to an RFP with all supporting documentation for issuer to approve or decline with an option to open for discussion. Proposals can be linked to Contracts or Scopes of Work for real-time, automated budget management.
Change Orders Easily create Purchase Orders (POs) or issue Change Orders (COs). COs can be linked to one or more Proposals and, like the RFP and Proposal tools, can be linked to a Contract or Scope of Work. Easy download of a zip file containing all related Change Orders.

Schedule of Values and Pay Apps (optional)

Schedule of Values Create an itemized Schedule of Values associated with a Contract to break costs out into discrete sections and line items. Linked to Pay Apps as well so you can apply for and process payments as the work gets completed and the materials are stored with detailed analysis of percentage complete on each line item.
Pay Apps Simplified payment application utility works like familiar pay apps to track billed and stored-to-date data for all contracts. Contract limits are updated in real-time as Change Orders are issued. Ability to attach signed and supporting documents ensures future access to the information required for reporting and compliance. Pay Apps performed on Contracts that use a Schedule of Values are fully integrated and allow you to enter the total completed and stored to date on each line item.

Bid Tools (optional)

Bid Packages Easily create Bid Packages, add Bidders, and Issue via e-mail. Invited bidders then ask questions that can automatically be included with responses in a numbered Addendum. Bid Packages and Addenda are instantly available for download as a ZIP file to any of the Bidders or other Users who access credentials.
Bid Questions When bidders ask questions about a Bid Package, an e-mail is automatically sent to the Package Manager who can then respond to everyone on the Bidders List.
Bid Addenda Automatically include Bid Questions and Responses as an attachment in your Addendum. The Addendum is e-mailed out to the Bidders List and available for download as a ZIP file immediately after being issued and appears as a section on the Bid Package.

Jobsite Reports, Work Reports, Schedule, Safety Audits and Activities (optional)

Work Reports A great tool for overnight crews to update their daytime team members about what was done by the end of each shift. Use it daily or on-demand to easily enter who did what, where and when; then issue the report to relevant project team members.
Jobsite Reports A great tool for CM's to keep a log of the weather and what they observed being done for historical purposes and reporting going forward.
Scheduling Upload, discuss and approve constructions schedules that are maintained elsewhere. Integrates with Master Schedules, Look Ahead and other schedule types. A comment period allows schedules to be discussed by select project members before being approved and made visible to the rest of the team.
Construction Safety Audit Perform a safety audit to check operations against established expectations.
Activities This Project Timeline tool allows you to create project projections and view by contract, work area or team member.

Estimating Tools (optional)

Estimate Track high-level owner-managed costs and early project systems-based budgets including Work Results and Spec section views.

Design Reviews (optional)

Design Drawing/Specs Master List of drawings and specs integrated with ML Field Orders and Design Review tools.
Design Reviews Capture design comments, track resolutions, and summarize comments by drawing and spec section.

Work Orders and Timesheets (optional)

Work Orders This capital-project Internal Work Order tool helps manage related labor, materials and rental/other expenses. Labor can be entered via team member electronic timesheets with automatic cost calculations and multiple reporting options. Work Orders can also be linked to Contracts for real-time automated budget management.