Get a full line-up of powerful features that Facility Use Requestors want for their events.

Requestors Requestors
It's easier than ever for anyone to submit a Facility Use Request to your district. Allow district staff and community members (optional) to submit Requests via your district website.
New Requestor Feature
Recurring Requests for Multiple Spaces. ML Schedules™ K12 Software users can submit recurring Facility Use Requests for multiple spaces at the same time. For example, you could submit a recurring request for a weekly event that requires a High School gym, cafeteria, and pool with just a few mouse clicks.
Requestors' Other Favorite Features

Submit Requests online. Submit Facility Use Requests from your district website including event details such as support staff and equipment needed.

Check Space availability. Requests cannot be submitted if the desired space is either already booked at the desired time or is not available for another reason.

Multiple Request types. Choose the request type that best meets your needs: by a specific date/time or specific space, multiple spaces for the same event, and recurring requests.

Online payments. District's with PayPal™ accounts can allow requestors to pay a deposit (if required) and the usage fee balance via secure online credit card processing.

Automatic email notifications. Receive email notifications whenever your Facility Use Request changes status (i.e., is approved, declined or requires more information).

My Requests log. View the status of any submitted request upon system login or by running easy-to-use reporting capabilities.

Edit or Cancel Requests. Requests that have been submitted but not yet acted on can be edited or canceled, if needed, by the requestor.

Insurance Certifications. Groups that require insurance can upload their certification and enter the expiration date to ensure requests can be processed by the district.

Anywhere, anytime access. Submit a Facility Use Request 24/7 via any internet-connected device including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Direct integration with the following applications

Google Calendar
Schedule Galaxy
Active Directory
Day Automation

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New ML Schedule™ Default Approval Paths by Building make system setup easier than ever
(9/15/2017) ML Schedules™ K12 Software makes it easier than ever to setup sites and spaces with a new Default Approval Path by Building feature for submitted Facility Use Requests. Here’s how it works: The District Admin enters a default approval path ...

12 powerful standard Invoicing features of ML Schedules™ Software
(9/8/2017) One of the feature sets that sets ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software apart from the crowd is its powerful but easy-to-use Invoicing and Payment capabilities. Designed to save district Business Office staff tons of time each week, these features ...

Automatically send a Contract PDF to a Group Manager when their Request has been approved
(8/28/2017) ML Schedules™ Software allows districts to automatically send a Contract PDF for a Group Manager’s signature with the email notification that is sent to a user upon approval of a Facility Use Request. This Contract PDF includes: The District’s Contract ...

"For me to have everything in one spot is so much better. I used to have to track everything from e-mails to contract numbers. Now everything is all together where it's easy to find and share."
- Cheryl, Project Coordinator, Young + Wright Architectural, NY