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Keep your finger on the pulse of your district's Facility Use Request system with these software features that reduce labor, recover costs, and improve everyone's satisfaction.
New Superintendent Feature
Block Groups. District Admins can now block Groups from submitting Facility Use Requests via ML Schedules™ Software in one of two ways: 1. Manually (e.g., if a Group has an outstanding balance or has damaged equipment in the past), or; 2. Automatically if the Group's insurance certification has expired.
Superintendents' Other Favorite Features

Submit Requests online. Provide district staff and community members (optional) with the ability to submit Facility Use Requests from your district website.

Mass Cancel. Cancel all scheduled events due to inclement weather or other emergency quickly and easily.

Flexible Reports. Easily track facility usage, usage fees (including support staff and equipment), spaces, dates/times, etc.

Group Classifications. Automatically assign different approval paths, usage fees, insurance regulations. and many other facility usage parameters on a district-wide basis.

Flexible approval paths. Vary the staff and sequence required to approve submitted requests based on a building and/or space type.

Custom forms, fields and fees. Create 4 kinds of custom fields and add them or any standard field to Request forms associated with different spaces or space types.

Centralized insurance data. Automatically check external Group insurance expiration date to allow Request submission and post insurance certificates to Group profiles.

Affordable subscription fees. Priced at about half the annual cost of other cloud-based facility use request software with lower on-boarding fees provide fast ROI to districts.

Direct integration with the following applications

Google Calendar
Schedule Galaxy
Active Directory
Day Automation

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New Features

Enter Facility Requests down to the minute
(1/29/2018) ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software now allows users to enter requests in one-minute intervals.

While the software's Time filters still display in 15-minute increments, users can double-click on the field to enter the desired time in minutes. When making requests, the software will automatically match the Minutes field End Time with the value entered in the Start Time field.

For example, if as user enters 11:17am as the request Start Time, the software will pick up the "17" value and use it for the request's End Time (e.g., 11:47am).

Thanks to the many subscribing school districts that provided valuable input for this new feature.

Here’s what school districts around the USA are saying…

“MLSchedules™ Software has streamlined the building use request process for our district. Requests that used to take minutes to process now take seconds."
- Jason Czarny, Director of Athletics, Onondaga Central School District, NY