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Using Microsoft™ Outlook, Google™ Forms or another software application to manage your district’s Facility Use Request system? If so, you’re missing a boatload of benefits for requesters, district staff and other stakeholders.

Eliminate these Outlook and Google apps pain points…

  • Doesn’t allow requesters to submit facility use requests directly from your district website and automatically put those events on a Master Calendar.
  • Allows for potential accidental double booking of spaces
  • Doesn’t integrate with athletic league software preventing all departments from being on the same page relative to district athletic events.
  • Doesn’t require and track insurance documents for external (non-school) groups.
  • Doesn’t automatically notify support staff based on the event’s location, requested equipment, or required support personnel.
  • Can’t calculate fees and invoice groups being charged facility-usage fees.
  • Doesn’t allow requesters to pay facility-usage fees on-line.
  • Doesn’t automatically route requests through a custom approval process based on the room or facility being requested.
  • Can’t run maintenance department reports to quickly view each building’s events and their required setup and/or support needs.
  • Can’t run business department reports to quickly view the total revenue generated from events by outside organizations
  • Doesn’t allow for the creation of custom request forms based on the room or facility being requested.
  • Doesn’t allow the requesters to track the status of their request and notify them upon approval, denial, or cancellation.
  • Can’t be used for other request types such as Field Trips, Conference Requests, and Vehicle or Bus Requests.

Discover the powerful functional features of ML Schedules™ Software.

ML Schedules™ Software can integrate with other calendar applications such as Google or Outlook. Our iCal links for the events in our calendar can be displayed on Google and/or Outlook calendars as well. Learn more about ML Schedules™ Software integration with other software applications.

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New Features fresh from our blog site

New “Additional Charges” fields available to apply to Facility Use Requests
(12/6/2017) Have you ever wanted to apply an Additional Charge to a submitted Facility Use Request without having to setup a custom field in ML Schedules™ Software? With our new Additional Charge feature, District Admins can easily create an Additional Charge category ...

Move a canceled Facility Use Request back to Pending status
(11/22/2017) ML Schedules™ Software now provides the ability to reactivate canceled Facility Use Requests and return them to Pending status. This new feature is especially helpful when a Facility Use Request has been cancelled due to expired or non-existent Group insurance ...

New ML Schedule™ Default Approval Paths by Building make system setup easier than ever
(9/15/2017) ML Schedules™ K12 Software makes it easier than ever to setup sites and spaces with a new Default Approval Path by Building feature for submitted Facility Use Requests. Here’s how it works: The District Admin enters a default approval path ...

Here’s what school districts around the USA are saying…

“MLSchedules™ Software has streamlined the building use request process for our district. Requests that used to take minutes to process now take seconds. That's a big deal when you think about the volume of requests that we receive in a school year. The software is as convenient for the people making requests as it is for the people processing them. Emails are generated any time a request is acted on. A requester can see their request in our building use calendar the instant it is approved. I have used both paper requests and electronic form requests in the past. I couldn't imagine ever going back now that I've seen what ML schedules can do."
- Jason Czarny, Director of Athletics, Onondaga Central School District, NY