An Overview of Available District Reports

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ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software has implemented seven important Report types for school districts including:

  1. Equipment to search for all equipment associated with booked events;
  2. Revenue to search for all revenue from upcoming, booked and/or past events;
  3. Summary for an overview of all booked events;
  4. Detail for an itemized list of all event details;
  5. Space Rate for a report of fees for some or all Spaces, including Classification-based fees;
  6. Grid for a report that follows the ML Schedules™ grid view;
  7. Calendar for a report that follows the ML Schedules™ calendar view, and;
  8. One Page Per Event that is designed for maintenance, AV and other event-support staff.

This Tech Note describes each of these Report types and provides sample screens.

Note that ML Schedules™ users have the following filters and commands available on all Report screens:

  • Start and End Dates filter
  • Provider (school district) filter
  • Site filter
  • Space filter
  • Print command (including Save As PDF)
  • Save as Excel file command

1. Equipment Reports

  • Function: Displays a total quantity of all Equipment needed to support booked events within the entered date range and based on the district, Site and/or Space selected.
  • Used By: Facility staff to ensure adequate equipment is available for all booked events.
Equipment Reports

2. Revenue Reports

  • Function: Displays revenue including usage fee subtotal, and total fees including support personnel and equipment charges.
  • Used By: Business office staff and district management for financial reporting.
Revenue Reports

3. Summary Reports

  • Function: Displays basic event information including Site, Space, Group, Event Name, and Start and End Times (including Setup and Breakdown times).
  • Used By: Admins, Business staff and facility managers for an overview of all booked events based on the applied filters.
Summary Reports

4. Details Reports

  • Function: Displays event details including data from all the district's Facility Request form fields. Event details are displayed contiguously and sorted from newest to oldest event.
  • Used By: Admins and facilities staff for details of all booked events based on the applied filters.
Details Reports

5. Space Rate Reports

  • Function: Displays a filterable listing of the prices for all spaces district wide or associated with a specific site (building). In addition to displaying the space pricing for each district Classification, the space's Default Hourly Rate is also displayed. This report makes it easy to see how much is being charged for each space by Group Classification all at once.
  • Used By: Especially useful during the setup process to ensure that all Spaces have assigned rates including Classification-specific fees.
Space Rate Reports

6. Grid Reports

  • Function: Displays event summary information in a grid format by week.
  • Used By: District admins and facilities staff as alternate display format to list or calendar.
Grid Reports

7. Calendar Reports

  • Function: Displays event summary information in a calendar format by month (default), week or day.
  • Used By: District admins, facilities staff and other district personnel that want to view a calendar view of events based on selected filters.
Calendar Reports

8. One-Event-Per-Page Reports

  • Function: Displays all event details from approved Facility Request form.
  • Used By: Facilities and technical staff that need to support each event.
One-Event-Per-Page Reports

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