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Never lose another Request form again. Ensure timely responses. Collect all requests and required insurance information in one place. Now doesn’t that sound like an improvement over your current paper-based system?

Eliminate these paper-based system pain points…

Wasted time
  • Paper forms are very time consuming from when a Request is submitted until approval.
  • Papers get lost during the process
  • Papers skip certain approvers during the process.
  • Papers sit on desks if people are out sick or on vacation which sometimes results in a response after the requested dates have already passed.
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  • People are not on the same page about who needs to be at events for setup/support.
  • Lack of a Master calendar of all activities within each district building.
  • Spaces are often accidentally double booked.
  • Paper forms can be chaotic to manage with multiple carbon copies that need to get routed to different departments.
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Cost recovery
  • Groups are often not charged facility usage fees even though the fees are due.
  • There is not an efficient way to track facility usage payments (due, paid, totals, etc.)
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  • Searching through files or binders for specific Facility Request forms is super inefficient compared to a secure, cloud-based searchable system.
  • Different request types are tracked in separate places (e.g., Facility Use, Field Trips, Vehicle/Bus, Conference Requests, etc.).
  • A need to centralize and standardize the process for the entire district instead of having each building run its own system.
  • Need a simplified way to manage insurance documents and eliminate potential liability.
  • A request may go through the approval process before the group’s insurance document has been received. District staff are then forced to backtrack to get the required information from the requestor instead of having it at the start of the process.
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  • Important event setup and support needs such as HVAC are not prepared which may lead to safety hazards and refunds.
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New Features

Enter Facility Requests down to the minute
(1/29/2018) ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software now allows users to enter requests in one-minute intervals.

While the software's Time filters still display in 15-minute increments, users can double-click on the field to enter the desired time in minutes. When making requests, the software will automatically match the Minutes field End Time with the value entered in the Start Time field.

For example, if as user enters 11:17am as the request Start Time, the software will pick up the "17" value and use it for the request's End Time (e.g., 11:47am).

Thanks to the many subscribing school districts that provided valuable input for this new feature.

Here’s what school districts around the USA are saying…

“MLSchedules™ Software has streamlined the building use request process for our district. Requests that used to take minutes to process now take seconds."
- Jason Czarny, Director of Athletics, Onondaga Central School District, NY