Take a tour of ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software.

ML Schedules™ software is easy to use for both facility staff and community users alike.

District Admin Tour

Manage Users

1) Listing of district staff with assigned roles (e.g., space approver, notify).

2) Create a new district user and assign a role (or edit an existing user's profile).

Manage Users

Manage Sites

1) Listing of all Sites you manage.

2) Add new Site at any time.

3) Public calendar integration.

Manage Sites

Manage Spaces

1) Filter by Site or Space Type.

2) Listing of all Spaces you manage.

3) Add or edit Spaces at any time.

Manage Spaces

Manage Requests

1) Listing of all Requests under a Space you manage with links to the Group details as well as full Request details.

2) Optional filters for specific Site, Space, Group or Status as well as a Calendar view.

3) Approve Requests from summary or detail views.

Manage Requests

Request Admin Details

1) User and Group information including contact data.

Request Details

Request Admin Details continued

1) Optional fields to enter Internal and/or External Notes about the Request.

2) Ability to change default venue pricing with invoicing and payment information.

3) Easily respond to Requests with Approve or Decline with Notes, Put On Hold and Edit approved Requests.

Request Details

District Reports

Equipment Report

1) Listing of all equipment needed at approved events.

2) Filterable by start and end dates and times.

3) Helps ensure that all personnel, equipment and other needs are in place for the event.

Equipment Report

Revenue Report

1) Listing of all approved events that have payments associated with them.

2) Displays base event-space costs plus any related personnel and equipment charges.

3) Filterable by site, space, group, and start and end dates and times.

4) Easily track total revenue by site, space or group for district reporting.

Revenue Report

Summary Report

1) Listing of all submitted requests and their status.

2) Filterable by site, space, group, and start and end dates and times.

3) Provides snapshot of all submitted requests district-wide or by building and/or space.

Summary Report

Details Report

1) Listing of all submitted requests and their status.

2) Filterable by site, space, group, and start and end dates and times.

3) Provides details of all submitted requests, regardless of status for support staff.

Detail Report

Requester Tour

Manage Profile

1) Your user profile.

2) Associate your account to a default school district.

3) Groups for which you will be making requests.


Group Information

1) Group contact information.

2) Attach Group's insurance certifications and log an expiration date for auto-reminders prior to expiration date.

3) Attach additional files relating to the Group such as 501C3 certificates.

Group Details

My Requests

1) Listing of Requests you have submitted with status and ability to filter by your Group name.

2) Create a new Request

My Requests

Request By Date

1) Enter Start and End Date and Times and select District and Space Type.

2) Click View to show Spaces that match your requirements.

Request by Date

Request By Space

1) Narrow down the listing by District, Site, Space and Space Type.

2) Select the desired event date from the monthly calendar to view that day's availability.

3) Toggle between month, week and day views, as needed, to find a space that meets your needs.

Request by Space

Request By Space and Date

1) Narrow down the listing by District, Site, Space and Space Type.

2) Selecting an available time displays the Request User Details screen. (see below)

Request by Space and Day

Request Recurring Event

1) Filter by District, Site, Space, Start Date and Time.

2) Flexible Occurrences and Frequency settings by either End Date or No. of Occurrences.

3) Each occurrence will be displayed showing its availability. After confirming the desired dates, the Request User Details screen will be displayed. (see below)

Recurring Request

Request User Details

1) Enter general Event information including a name to optionally appear on district or community calendars.

2) Request related Equipment such as tables, chairs, and AV equipment.

3) Request related district support staff such as custodians, chaperones and AV technicians.

4) Attach any event-related files that are needed for the approval process.

5) Agree to district Terms and Conditions before submitting your completed Request.

Request User Details

Featured content

Submit a Facility Use Request in 30 seconds or less

New Features

Enter Facility Requests down to the minute
(1/29/2018) ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software now allows users to enter requests in one-minute intervals.

While the software's Time filters still display in 15-minute increments, users can double-click on the field to enter the desired time in minutes. When making requests, the software will automatically match the Minutes field End Time with the value entered in the Start Time field.

For example, if as user enters 11:17am as the request Start Time, the software will pick up the "17" value and use it for the request's End Time (e.g., 11:47am).

Thanks to the many subscribing school districts that provided valuable input for this new feature.

Here’s what school districts around the USA are saying…

“MLSchedules™ Software has streamlined the building use request process for our district. Requests that used to take minutes to process now take seconds."
- Jason Czarny, Director of Athletics, Onondaga Central School District, NY