Pitch piles of paperwork with affordable, easy-to-use ML Work Orders™ Software

Never lose another Work Order form again. Ensure timely responses and efficient completion. Collect all Work Orderrelated information in one place. Now doesn’t that sound better than your district’s current paper-based system?

Eliminate these paper-based system pain points…

Wasted time
  • Filling out and handing in paper forms is inconvenient and time consuming.
  • Papers get lost during the process
  • Papers skip certain approvers during the process.
  • Papers sit on desks if people are out sick or on vacation which sometimes results in a response after the requested dates have already passed.
See how ML Work Order™ Software saves time over paper-based systems.

  • Requesters don’t know the status of their Work Order.
  • Spaces aren’t always available to complete a Work Order.
  • Paper forms can be chaotic to manage with multiple carbon copies that need to get routed to different departments.
See how ML Work Order™ Software improves quality over paper-based systems.

Wasted Expense
  • Excess staff labor is needed to track and manage Work Orders.
  • Lack of automated Preventative Maintenance schedules reduce asset life.
See how ML Work Order™ Software reduces expenses over paper-based systems.

  • Searching through files or binders for specific Work Order forms is inefficient compared to a searchable cloud-based system.
  • Maintenance and IT Work Orders are tracked, managed and stored in separate places.
  • Standardize the process district-wide instead of having each building run its own system.
  • Your district’s Work Order, Asset Management, Preventative Maintenance systems and related information is stored in various buildings.
See how ML Work Order™ Software increases power over paper-based systems.

  • Maintenance and IT staff who complete Work Orders don’t have a clear idea of the true nature of the problem resulting in wasted time and inefficiencies.
  • Important Preventative Maintenance tasks are not regularly performed due to lack of a centralized schedules that automatically generates the required Work Orders.
See how Work Order™ Software simplifies life over paper-based systems.
Affordably priced for even small school districts!

Featured content…

New Features

Create Projects for multiple Work Orders

ML Work Orders™ Software now allows users to track multiple Work Orders against a specfic project.

For example, a project may require one Work Order for the electrician, one for carpentry, and a third for mechanical work.

This new feature allows Admins to create custom-named projects with estimated start and end dates. Both existing and new Work Orders issued from the software can then be linked to projects.

Reports can easily be run for specific projects to see all associated work orders for easier tracking and management.

Related capabilities include:

  • Manage Projects (setup with unique name and start & end dates)

  • Add a new or existing WO to a Project

  • Run Project Reports for all related WOs and associated costs (sample shown above for "Stadium Turf Field"project)

“I am incredibly impressed with the responsiveness of MasterLibrary Software staff and the timely manner in which things are handled and we are contacted. We are very impressed with the Support and software in the short time we’ve been using it in our district. We’re loving it!”
- Sean W., Technology Director, West Geauga Local Schools, Chestertown OH