MasterLibrary K12 Software Benefits

Discover a world of possibilities for your school facilities, regardless of district size.

Reap five major kinds of benefits from MasterLibrary™ Software titles,
each affordably priced for small to mid-sized districts.

Save time
Save time on support labor and completion times.
Reduce the labor required for approvals, processing and management by 50% or more while decreasing turnaround times from weeks to minutes. Learn more.

Reduce expenses
Reduce expenses including subscription costs.
Reduce the costs of facility-based processes with less support staff needed, as well as affordable subscription prices for even small districts. Learn more.

Improve quality
Improve quality of procedures and processes.
Automating paper forms and outdated processes improves the quality of delivered services such as capital project administration, maintenance and usage requests. Learn more.

Increase power
Increase power with district customization.
Put some muscle in your district's facility operations and processes with flexible, customizable fields, forms, fees and approval paths. Learn more.

Simplify life
Simplify life with easy setup, learning and use.
Purpose built for K12 districts with simple, intuitive and customizable procedures and uncluttered screens that make everyone's life easier. Learn more.