MasterLibrary K12 Software Benefits

Discover a world of increased power for your school district, regardless of its size.

Increase Power
Secure automation of common facility management processes and procedures plus unparalleled customization options gives your district the power to increase efficiency while decreasing expenses.
ML Schedules
Facility Use Requests.

Automate the submission, response and completion of Facility Use Requests to reduce support labor and processing times while increasing cost recovery.

Automatically notify required support staff when Requests are approved that require them.

Automatically notify internal district and external community Group managers of changes in the status of their submitted Facility Use Requests..

Create three types of custom fields that can be used with any online Facility Use Request form with automatic email notifications, as needed.

Customize the Facility Use Request approval process by building and/or space type.

Report with ease on almost any aspect of your district's Facility Usage including events, support staff and equipment needed, and revenue.

ML Work Orders
Work Orders (including Preventative Maintenance)

Automate the submission, response and completion of Work Orders to reduce support labor and completion times.

Automatically notify required staff when Work Orders are approved that require their support.

Automatically notify district staff of changes in Work Order status.

Optimize your district's Work Order approval process with customizable paths, field and space names, and other automation options.

Improve your district's Preventative Maintenance efforts to increase the life of your building and its systems.

Easily report on virtually any aspect of your district's Work Order system including by status, type, expenses and other parameters.

ML Assets
Asset Management

Harness the power of bar-code readers with direct integration for asset record creation and maintenance.

Power through regular inventory cycles quickly and accurately.

Leverage the value of real-time data to stay on top of depreciation costs.

Make asset records and reports available only to those who need them.

ML Projects
Capital Project Construction Administration

Automate the processing and management of Submittals, RFIs, ASIs, Contracts, Field Orders/RFPs, Proposals, Change Orders, and Punch Lists.

Improve transparency and accountability among all team members including district staff and external organizations such as architects, Construction Management firms and contractors.

Easily communicate and sahre information with all parties regardless of organization (school, architect, CM firm, etc.).

ML Binders
Electronic Facility Records Management

Provide staff and contractors with the power to find any facility related record - including drawings and O&M manuals - in 30 seconds or less.

Reduce or eliminate documentation storage costs while reducing your district's environmental footprint.

Ensure that facility records are up-to-date and accurate with full history of uploads and downloads.