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New Features fresh from our blog site

Real-time Asset Reports at your fingertips
(2/1/2018) ML Work Orders™ K12 Facility Maintenance Software now provides simple, fast Asset Reporting to allow Facility Managers and technicians to monitor asset conditions.

Filters available for Asset Reports inlcude:
  • Asset Type
  • Building
  • Space
  • Search option for Asset Name
Report details (example shown above) for individual assets include:
  • Total number of Work Orders requested and their status
  • Total amount of labor hours expended
  • Total labor costs
  • Total material costs
  • Total costs (labor and materials)
Users can easily view additional Asset details by selecting the Asset Name in the report.

PM List Reports with next scheduled date
(2/1/2018) ML Work Orders™ K12 Facility Maintenance Software now provides users with a Preventative Maintenance report that shows the next scheduled date to improve communication and timely completion.

In addition to the next scheduled date, the new PM List report (shown above) also includes the following real-time information:
  • PM name
  • Building/Space
  • Frequency
  • Assigned To User
  • Start Date
  • Next Scheduled Date
  • Total Number of Work Orders

Purchase Transactions now included on Work Order Reports
(1/30/2018) Items and their costs that need to be purchased to complete a Work Order are easier than ever to track and monitor with ML Work Orders™ K12 Facility Maintenance Software.

When you run a Work Order detail report, all supporting items and their costs are now displayed (see yellow highighted section in screen shot above), and automatically added to the Work Order Labor cost for an complete total cost.

Thanks to our subscribing school districts for their valuable inpout in developoing this feature enhancement.

“MLSchedules™ Software has streamlined the building use request process for our district. Requests that used to take minutes to process now take seconds. That's a big deal when you think about the volume of requests that we receive in a school year. The software is as convenient for the people making requests as it is for the people processing them. Emails are generated any time a request is acted on. A requester can see their request in our building use calendar the instant it is approved. I have used both paper requests and electronic form requests in the past. I couldn't imagine ever going back now that I've seen what ML schedules can do."
- Jason Czarny, Director of Athletics, Onondaga Central School District, NY