Powerful tools automate common, time-intensive tasks for Architects and owner PDC departments in an affordable cloud-based solution.

ML Projects™ Software Base Edition includes the following standard toolsets with unlimited projects and user accounts:
RFIs. Issue, then open for discussion, redirect or respond. Visible to all team members via a real-time RFI log.
Submittals. Create, issue, manage and track by specific project, contract and issue. Easy zip download of all related Submittals.
ASIs. Architects can issue and send to CMs, GCs and others for acknowledgement and tracking. Easily create related RFPs.
Folders and Files (FTP). FTP utility with file count and ML Equipment List integration.
Pre-Bid RFIs. Same functionality as RFIs but on a pre-bid basis.
Field Observations. Easily document daily field observations including non-conforming work items from any tablet or smart phone.
Punch Lists. Track items that need more work on a room-by-room basis. Organize by discipline and get real-time views of open items.

Additional Toolsets available to extend the software's functionality to include Contract Management, Estimating, Bidding and more.

New Features and Resources that reduce project admin time, improve collaboration and increase efficiency.

Print PDF of Reservations Details screen
(2/2/2016) All ML Schedules™ Software users will now see a Print icon in the header of the Reservation Details page. Selecting the Print icon will automatically generate a PDF of the displayed Reservation Details screen that can be saved to a local drive ...

Date Filters available for Reservation summary screens
(2/2/2016) Group Managers, District Admins and Reservation Managers of ML Schedules™ Software can select a date range in which to view Facility Requests that are approved, pending or declined. Group Managers will find the Start and End Date Range fields on ...

Reserve Events on Blocked Dates
(2/2/2016) ML Schedules™ Software Admins and Reservation Managers can now reserve spaces on blocked dates such as a school club practice. To schedule an event on a blocked date: Select the Reserve by Type of Space option from the Reserve Space screen. ...

"I was impressed not only with the end product but also with the MasterLibrary team's approach."
- Jon, Facilities Director, N. Syracuse Central School District, NY

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