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Asset mapping has never been easier. ML Drawings is asset tracking software that allows you to quickly and easily access, edit, and customize your floorplan drawings. Our DIY asset mapping tool enables you to build a dynamic, graphical view of your assets by location and type—transforming your drawings into interactive floorplans.

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How Does ML Drawings Work?

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Manage your assets visually and with advanced search and filtering to make sure you are on top of everything. Our tools allow for simple organization of everything within your facilities to ensure everything is running at its best. Watch our video to see the benefits and inner workings of this intuitive, best-in-class, software.

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Benefits of ML Drawings

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Improve Communication

Communicate asset location through interactive floorplans, a digital map for your team.

Save Time

Eliminate the time spent searching for assets inside of your building or system drawings stored away in a closet.

Reduce Expenses

ML Drawings is a DIY tool, eliminating the need for expensive site survey tools and services.

Stay Organized

Digitally keep track of all of your assets and the important information that pertains to them. Use simple stamps to place over floorplans of photographs to visually manage or filter for desired results.

Asset Type Picker

ML Drawings

Place over 175 unique asset stamps on your floor plan drawings to identify the location of your assets in your buildings. Eliminate confusion with a clean and organized look.

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Asset Information Repository

ML Drawings

Store unique asset data on each individual stamp for quick and easy retrieval of a particular asset's information. This handy feature lets you quickly look up information on the asset when you click into the stamp.

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Filter & Search

ML Drawings

Filter your views to only see a specific system or asset type. The interactive floor plan builder comes with robust search and filter functionality which hones in on the asset you're looking for.

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Annotation Tools

ML Drawings

Annotate your drawings in clear detail during your building survey. Add shapes, comments, arrows, and call-out boxes to make your message clear. What used to be hard-to-read chicken scratch is now easy and clean for others to see.

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Linkage to ML Work Orders

ML Drawings

With a direct to link to ML Work Orders, your assets pre-populate into ML Drawings, making it a snap to pick and place them on your floor plans. You can also seamlessly schedule work orders and PM's directly from your asset stamps in ML Drawings.

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Mobile Friendly

ML Drawings

Pull up your building survey plan drawings to self-perform your asset surveys or provide ML Drawings to your field techs to field verify asset information. Say goodbye to carrying around paper notes.

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