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Thanks for visiting MasterLibrary’s Resources section where you’ll find theoretical information and practical advice to help you get more from your school district facilities‚Ķregardless of what Facilities Management platform you use.

Objective, vendor-agnostic topics in this section include:

  • Systems. Select the right Facilities Management software for your district’s unique needs.
  • Processes. Improve Facilities Management with by digitizing drawings, records, and processes.
  • Data. Leverage accurate facilities asset data to digitize operations. Electronic Facility Records are key.
  • People. Discover the skills and personality traits inherent in a Next Generation Facility Manager.

All content elements include filter tags. Select the tags of interest to view related content. When applicable, content is also organized by one of three building phases: Plan/Design, Build, and Manage (Maintain). We welcome your feedback to these elements as well as ideas for new ones.

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Hands holding a tablet showing the Master Asset Platform

Guide to Mapping Your Building Lifecycle

June 11, 2024

Learn the three lifecycle stages of your buildings and facility assets, and the most important aspects to manage based on the priorities of multiple stakeholders.
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A standards-compliant IT equipment rack and cable pathways in a school district Telecom Room.

Improve Telecom Room Design and Construction with free QC checklists

April 2, 2024

Improve the design and construction of school district Telecom Rooms (TRs) with our free check/punchlists based on current industry standards and best practices.
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From Assets to Actions eBook

Digitize your PMs with our “Assets to Actions” eBook

March 14, 2024

Extend building system reliability and longevity by digitizing your organization's Preventive Maintenance procedures using Facility Maintenance software.
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