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ML Binders® provides secure, electronic storage and organization of all your district facility documents and drawings. Quickly locate the information you and your staff need to do any job, all at your fingertips.

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How Does ML Binders Work?

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Our ML Binders software features a clean design and is simple to use. What used to take hours of searching can now be in a few clicks.

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Benefits of ML Binders

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Improve Communication

Receive notifications any time a digital binder is updated. Share links to documents or put QR codes directly on physical assets.

Save Time

Eliminate the time spent searching for manuals, drawings, and documents. They are now all compiled digitally with easy to search key words.

Reduce Expenses

Less time searching, means more time working. Get back to your other tasks and improve the efficiency of your workday.

Future Proof

Saving things digitally means you will never have to worry about document loss, damage, or misplacement. Records will always be readily available, even in the midst of employee turnover.


ML Binders

De-clutter your outdated, manual filing system with a customizable, digital folder structure. Say goodbye to messy storage boxes and jam packed filing cabinets. Store everything neatly in the cloud.

Enhanced Search

ML Binders

Our user-intuitive, yet powerful, search and document tagging makes locating a file simple and fast. Find the asset or facility information you need in seconds.

Safe & Secure

ML Binders

Protect your facility documentation with user permissions on our secure, cloud-based platform. No need to worry about physical damage or misplacement.


ML Binders

Share version-controlled links to third parties and receive notifications when binders are updated. Stakeholders have the important information that pertains to them readily available.


ML Binders

Connect to your ML Work Orders account to schedule work orders on an asset. Get instant access to your facility and asset records directly from your work orders.

Zip File Upload

ML Binders

Supports zip files so you can bring over complete folder and sub-folders that previously exist. This makes for easy organization without the need to repeat the task after import.

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