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Get strategic with your assets. ML Capital Plans™ helps you build better facility budgets, capital plans, and asset lifecycles. Optimize your capital planning and asset management. Manage and organize your funding streams to compare the impact of different funding scenarios. Integrate with ML Work Orders to retrieve your asset financial data as planned items directly.

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Benefits of ML Capital Plans

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Improve Communication

Communicate budget decisions with concrete data and visualizations.

Save Time

Asset data from ML Work Orders auto-populates making it a snap to build budgets and funding scenarios.

Reduce Expenses

Reduce your overall costs by better planning for your equipment life expectancy and asset replacements.

Data Analysis

Fully customizable reports and dashboards let you get the data you need and make important correlations that help you operate more efficiently.

Plan & Budget

ML Capital Plans

Facility budget planning software that's easy to use. Plan for asset lifecycles, identify assets coming to end of life, and predict future capital expenditures.

Manage & Optimize Funding Streams

ML Capital Plans

Manage and organize your funding streams to compare the impact of different scenarios. Create your funding streams and allocate them to different budgets to answer the question of "how" you pay for your capital projects.

Communicate Decisions Better

ML Capital Plans

Use data and visualizations to communicate your decisions to stakeholders. Robust templates and insightful reporting show budget allocations for planned expenses in the future.

Mass Import and Edit Assets

ML Capital Plans

Import and edit cost data for assets in bulk. Easily move groups of asset items into different budgets and funding streams for quick scenario plan comparisons.


ML Capital Plans

Integration with ML Work Orders allows you to push your assets and their various costs to ML Capital Plans as planned items. You can move your asset items into different budget and funding streams. Enter your asset data once in ML Work Orders and leverage it to the fullest extent in ML Capital Plans.

Asset Health

ML Capital Plans

View, manage, and balance asset health, costs, and funding requirements. Become data-driven in your decision making and feel confident in your lifecycle projections. Reduce your overall costs by better planning for your replacements.

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