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Reduce capital project admin time by 50% or more while improving accountability with this flexible set of Construction Administration tools. An intuitive interface provides access to a secure cloud-based platform for RFIs, Submittals, Meeting Notes, Change Orders and more. Get everyone involved with the construction project on the same page in real-time to stay on schedule and budget.

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ML Projects Construction Managers


Architects can easily review and respond to RFIs and Submittals in real-time whether in the office or on the jobsite. They can also issue Architect's Supplemental Instructions (ASIs) just as easily. Robust reporting facilitates Construction Administration management.

Construction Managers

Instantly issue and respond to RFIs and Submittals tracking them by project, contract, or issue. Manage multiple contracts, RFPs, proposals, and change orders to keep your projects on budget.

Building Owners

Save time, improve accountability, and build-to-manage with Meeting Notes, Contract Management, and other online tools. Reduce administration processing time from weeks to hours and improve budget management efficiencies.


Issue and manage RFIs and Submittals on a secure platform available 24/7 via any internet-connected smart device. Reduce administration processing time from weeks to hours and increase accountability among all team members.

RFIs & Submittals

ML Projects

Easily issue, respond to, and manage these two critical Construction Administration elements. Reduce processing times from weeks to hours to keep projects on track.

Change Orders & Field Orders

ML Projects

Generate, track, and close out Change and Field Orders onsite from a tablet or smartphone, or from your office desktop. Automatically generate related Punchlists to monitor completion.

Bid Management

ML Projects

Improve efficiencies and budget management with tools for Bid Packages, Questions, Addenda, and Submissions. Automatically update financial reports based on real-time data.

Meeting Notes

ML Projects

Issue meeting notes, assign related action items with deadlines and responsible parties, and track decisions results. Keep valuable meeting times focused with bulleted agendas and easy access to past notes.

Contract Administration

ML Projects

Includes Contracts/Scopes Of Work (SOWs), Schedule of Values, Field Orders/RFPs, Proposals, Change Orders, and Pay Apps. Changes made to any one element are automatically updated throughout the project.

Construction Management

ML Projects

Easy-to-use tools for Work, and Jobsite Reports brings everyone together on the same page to increase transparency and collaboration.

Different roles. One platform.

Building on Success

Architectural and Construction Management firms, contractors, and building project owners are reaping the benefits of the secure, scalable MasterLibrary suite of products. Move from clipboard or expensive subscriptions to the affordable, easy-to-use solution.

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