Technology Planning

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Accurate knowledge about the current state of an organization's technology infrastructure and related IP-connected systems is critical for long-range strategic planning. However, most organizations lack qualified staff to perform these surveys while system vendors may not take a client-centric approach. Led by a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), a Technology Conditions Survey (TCS) provides an accurate look at your technology infrastructure and IP-connected systems.

Ladder racking in a Telecom Room supports horizontal cable.

Technology infrastructure and IP-based building systems included in our Comprehensive Technology Planing services includes:

  • Technology infrastructure including communications cabling, pathways, and spaces such as Telecommunications Rooms and IT-equipment cabinets
  • Network connectivity including wired and wireless
  • Communications systems including Phone, Public Address and Master Clock
  • Instructional systems (smartboards, projectors, classroom audio)
  • Security systems (video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control)
  • Student and staff computing devices

Technology Planning Deliverables

How good is your technology infrastructure?

Sample pages from a school district Comprehensive Technology Report and Plan

Comprehensive Technology Report & Plan

A highly illustrated narrative report including executive summaries based on our on-site surveys led by a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD).

10-Year Technology Roadmap

Identify and prioritize projects, estimate rough costs, and assign funding sources with everything shown on a single page in an easy-to-understand format.

Telecom Room Master Plan

Get professional Design guidance and construction punchlists for these critical spaces that closely adheres to industry standards.

Serving Zone Drawings

We clearly define Serving Zones and their associated Telecom Rooms for every floor of all your organization's buildings.

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