We are focused on providing the technology and support for K-12 school districts to manage their facilities at a world-class level within a school-sized budget.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the educational sector better manage their facilities with the limited resources they have on hand. By generating new efficiencies in facility administration and maintenance, we help our customers achieve better managed, more transparent and safer environments for students, staff and the community. We believe that technology in education includes smart ways to manage the “Where” – that is the schools, classrooms and grounds our children and community use everyday.

​At MasterLibrary, we are a technology company that puts the best interest of its customers at the heart of every decision we make.

Our Story

Our integrated cloud-based applications for facility-based infrastructure and technology systems were born of necessity by Archi-Technology, LLC, an independent technology consulting firm. The technology infrastructure and related systems in which the firm specializes bring unique challenges to each phase of a construction project due to:

  • Rapidly evolving technologies and;
  • Facility management professionals who are typically uncomfortable with highly technical systems that are half IT/half Facility.

Archi-Technology saw the need to bring facility management team members together using the cloud instead of clipboards, specifically in the education space. In addition to the MasterLibrary® suite of applications, Archi-Technology also developed proprietary T-Series (Technology) drawings that provide graphic plan-based views of a facilities’ technology infrastructure—including pathways and spaces—that can be viewed as layers selectable by system type and location.​
From this background, MasterLibrary has evolved since 2012 to improve efficiency and collaboration among the diverse professional disciplines that interact with a facility from maintenance to scheduling and planning.