Improve Telecom Room Design and Construction with free QC checklists


The science and art of TR Design and Construction

Give these vital spaces the attention they deserve

Given the ubiquitous nature of technology in today’s school buildings, Telecom Rooms—the spaces devoted to IT equipment and functions—are more important than ever before. Yet these vital spaces are often overlooked, having been carved out of storage rooms, custodial closets, and other inappropriate areas over the past 50 years.

School districts and their architects are increasingly turning their attention to designing and constructing new dedicated, secure TRs that meet industry standards as part of larger capital improvement projects. However, the many design and construction nuances that need to be met for these specialized spaces are not widely known to district staff, architects, engineers, and construction teams.

A standards-compliant IT equipment rack and cable pathways in a school district Telecom Room.

To that end, ML Professional Services has put together a free, reusable nine-page PDF checklist of design and construction guidelines that all Telecom Room and related Cable Pathways should follow for optimum, long-term performance. These guidelines are based on our 30+ years of experience in K12 technology planning, systems design, and  construction management led  by our resident Registered Communications Distribution Designs (RCDDs).

Prepared for school district staff, and its architects, electrical engineers, and other contractors, the checklists should be used for the quality control of:

  • Telecom Room (TR) design during the Design Review phase
  • Construction Management—Technology Construction Management (TCM), in this case—during the Build phase.
  • Final Punchlist prior to project hand-off.

The checklists are intended to ensure that the construction of TRs does not deviate from the final design and construction drawings.

We hope you find these materials helpful in improving the way technology is planned, designed, and implemented at your district.