Port Byron Central School District


District Profile

Location: Port Byron, NY
Student Enrollment: Serves approximately 950 students
Campus Footprint: 1 Elementary School (UPK – 6) and 1 JR/SR High School (7 – 12)

Super User Profile

Name: Corey Rooker
Title: Transportation and Facilities Supervisor
Tenure: Been with Port Byron Central School District for 10.5 years

Life Before MasterLibrary

Before MasterLibrary, Port Byron Central School District (PBCSD) was utilizing a competitive facilities management program. Their previous solution presented usability issues as it was, in Corey’s words, “a little clunky.” The product also was not mobile-friendly, which was an issue as his staff is not at their desk all day but instead working in and around the buildings. There was also a disconnect between building and space requests from groups and any required custodial or maintenance support for those requests. Their solution wasn’t making it easy to do their day jobs or communicate outside requests for spaces that needed support. That’s when Corey knew it was time to seek another solution. “My Aha moment was viewing ML Schedules and ML Work Orders together and seeing the ease of request forms and the integration with the work order system.”

My a-ha moment was viewing ML Schedules and ML Work Orders together and seeing the ease of request forms and the integration with the work order system.

Corey Rooker Transportation and Facilities Supervisor

The Selection Process

​When searching for a new solution, Corey was focused on simplicity and something that would be easy for his staff to use and support their work style. “I was looking for something user friendly for both my staff as well as the requestors,” commented Corey. Based on those factors, Corey selected ML Schedules and Work Orders. For Corey, MasterLibrary stuck out from other options because the graphics and user interface were very simple and straightforward.  “Once I saw the demo, I was done looking,” remarked Corey.

Life with MasterLibrary

Port Byron CSD has been with MasterLibrary since 2019. At the beginning, Corey was impressed with how easy it was to migrate their existing data to ML Schedules and ML Work Orders and get started. Once going, Corey noticed a difference. “My staff all carry iPads and having the ability to complete and assign work orders on the fly has been great. They can also look at the building use schedule all at once.”

In 2021, Port Byron added ML Drawings to their technology stack. ML Drawings is a floorplan mapping tool that allows users to stamp assets on their digital floorplans to make it easier to identify where everything is located. It integrates with asset information held in ML Work Orders.

“My favorite feature is the integration between ML Work Orders, ML Schedules and ML Drawings,” states Corey. When asked about his most positive experience with MasterLibrary, it’s no surprise that Corey brings up the customer support. “Anytime I have dealt with support, they are quick and get me the answers I need.”
“MasterLibrary is the total package – ease of use, integrations and quality of support.”