Schedule your HVAC and Door Access Systems​


ML Schedules and Events2HVAC have partnered to give school districts more control, efficiencies and flexibility for managing their smart systems in conjunction with events scheduled in ML Schedules.

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Most commercial systems now have some portion of their systems accessible via the BACnet/IP protocol.  BACnet is supported by a wide variety of vendors.  In general, if the point for the zones that the school want to control is visible and writable via BACnet/IP, then E2H should be compatible.  In some cases, the vendor system may require additional components or custom programming.  (examples:  Tridium based systems may require a programmer to export native Tridium points to BACnet/IP points.  Automated Logic systems require a scheduling add-on component to be able to send schedules from E2H)

There are two ways to integrate schedules to BACnet/IP points.

  1. E2H sends the occupied state to BACnet binary or multi-state point to change the state of the zone as determined by the schedule
  2. E2H sends exception schedules to BACnet schedule points (date/time and values are sent to schedule the occupancy of the zone)

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Some schools may have out-buildings or trailers that have residential type thermostats.  E2H can integrated directly to many of the Wi-Fi vendors to override the setpoints to manage occupied and unoccupied periods based on schedule.

Here’s general list of thermostats supported:

Door Access/ Security

E2H can lock/unlock doors based on events also.  Supported systems include:  JCI/Tyco C-Cure 9000, JCI/Tyco Kantech Entrapass, JCI P-2000, and OpenPath.   Since door access zones will typically have different pre-start times than an HVAC zone, these zones will need to be created separately from HVAC zones and would increase the zone count required.


A zone in E2H is a container for a controlled area in the HVAC system.  The site is licensed based on active zones used.   A zone can have 1 or more MLSchedule rooms assigned to it and a zone can command 1 or more physical equipment devices within the zone.  Each zone can be configured with a pre-start time (time to occupy zone prior to event start time) and post-stop time (time to keep system on after the event stop time).  This will ensure the zone is comfortable prior to the event start.

Zoning Cost

All subscriptions come with a one time installation fee of $500. This include the configuration of the first 30 zones. Additional charges apply for the setup of zones after 30. Customers can also do this themselves if they have learned enough through the process.

15 - 49 Zones

$60  per Zone per Year

50 - 149 Zones

$54 per Zone per Year

150 - 250 Zones

$48 per Zone per Year

250+ Zones

$42 per Zone per Year