Helping solve Key Management issues


A presentation on Key Management to Central Western NYS SFA Chapter members was a great success.

A keychain and electronic fob for security purposes against a green color field.On Wednesday, Feb. 14, a roomful of NYS School Facilities Association’s (SFA) Central Western Chapter members learned how industry-specific software applications can help school districts solve the often-neglected and problematic issues associated with Key Management.

Our Professional Services Manager Dylan Mercier presented low-cost options using widely available Facility Management software such as ML Work Orders.

Topics included:

  • Setting up Roles including Admin (one time), Key Manager, and Users.
  • Setting up Processes including Check Out and Check In
  • Importing existing data including building, location, area accessed, asset name, barcode, model and status.
  • Operational and planning tips including recommended implementation times, QR and barcode use, and mass check in/out feature.

Our thanks to Chapter President Joe Flansburg (Bloomfield CSD) for inviting us to discuss this key issue and to the attendees for sharing their knowledge about specific examples and use cases.

Look for more information coming soon on how to solve your district’s key and fob management challenges using ML Work Orders coming soon.