New ML Work Orders technology features


We have been focused on making our work order management system increasingly more efficient for technology departments utilizing ML Work Orders. Below is a quick summary of the new technology features that will be beneficial in keeping track of assets for our users.

Check Assets In and Out in Bulk

ML Work Orders

Within our Asset menu are 2 new pages for “Check-Out Assets” and “Check-In Assets”. Each page will allow you to check-out/in multiple assets. In addition, you can update the location of assets when they are checked out and checked back in. If you have a barcode scanner, you can scan multiple assets without needing to click in between scans!

ML Work Orders Check Out Assets Screen

Asset Check-Out Report

ML Work Orders

A new report that centralizes all Asset Check-Out occurrences and subsequent Check-Ins all in one view. This report will list currently checked-out Assets past their due date at the top of the report.

ML Work Orders Asset Check Out Report Screen

ML Work Orders Recent Updates

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