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Extend the life of your district’s assets with our Asset Management module to include in your work order program. Our asset tracking software allows you to manage all of your district's assets quickly and easily with powerful features including a QR code generator in an easy-to-use interface.

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ML Work Orders Asset Management Asset Costs Dashboard

EFR Standard

ML Work Orders utilizes the asset data standards. Organize and manage your asset data with EFR Standard asset data templates built into our asset module. EFR Standard Fields are built for the modern facility, accommodating many asset types that are based on smart, IP connected buildings, but still incorporate many of the classic asset types found in Uniformat and MasterFormat standards. The best part is, if you decide to someday change work order systems, you will not lose your asset data as these records are portable and can move with you.

Our Asset Management Module allows you to:

  • Keep track of the major pieces of maintenance and IT equipment throughout your district.
  • Store valuable information on each asset such as costs, vendor information and serial numbers.
  • Upload related files to each asset such as warranty information or OEM Manuals.
  • Keep track of the work order history for each asset.
  • Keep track of the total costs spent on each asset.
  • Easily search for any asset within seconds.
  • Easily access asset records while completing work orders
  • Assign assets to users within the system.
  • View the Asset Check-Out Report showing all assets currently checked out.
  • Mass check in/out technology devices.
  • Keep track of device information using our Google Device Integration.
  • Conduct audits for your assets to verify their location and update if necessary.
  • Run an asset depreciation report on accumulated depreciation and net book value (NBV) of asset records.


ML Work Orders

Get a visual snapshot of your district’s assets with a real-time dashboard that’s easily customizable to meet your district department’s specific needs.

ML Work Orders IT Asset Dashboard

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