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Are you a school district looking to streamline your scheduling and resource management? Make the switch from Brightly to ML Schedules for a seamless and efficient solution. ML Schedules offers advanced features to simplify the complexities of school scheduling, ensuring optimal use of resources and minimizing conflicts. Upgrade to ML Schedules for a user-friendly experience that empowers your school district to manage schedules with precision and ease.

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How does ML Schedules work?

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Not only does our software make scheduling quicker, easier, and more cost efficient – it also features a very clean and intuitive interface that makes working inside of it simple. You’ll be able to get employees or community members up and running in a very short amount of time.

How long does it take to switch to ML Schedules?

Making the switch

Embarking on the journey to transition from Brightly to ML Schedules is a strategic move towards enhanced efficiency in school scheduling and resource management. The process typically takes around 30 days, during which our expert team ensures a smooth setup and comprehensive training for your staff members. We understand the value of your time and are committed to making this transition effortless for you.

Make the switch fro Brightly to ML Schedules in 30 Days!

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Top reasons to switch to ML Schedules

Less Expensive

Reduce expenses with ML Schedules' cost friendly fees compared to Brightly.


Facilitate staff adaptation with ML Schedules' updated intuitive interface that makes it easier for both requestors and administrators.

Athletic Scheduling Integrations

Get your district's sports schedules on the same page with ML Schedules event sync with Arbiter, ScheduleStar, rSchoolToday, EventLink, ScheduleGalaxy, RankOneSport, HomeCampus, and more. Eliminate the need for athletic department staff to double-enter events into two systems.

Mass-Cancel Events

Mass cancel events with just a few clicks when a last minute emergency such as a snow day occurs.

Min/Max Days Notice

Limit how many days in advance is needed to schedule an event (e.g., 14 days) and how far future requests can be submitted (e.g., 365 days).

Insurance Requirements

Reduce processing times with requestors' uploaded insurance files. ML Schedules automatically tracks the expiration date with the ability to block groups when an insurance certificate expires.

No Date Limit on Recurring Requests

Add unlimited dates to an ML Schedules' recurring request vs. Brightly's 20-date limit.

Automatically Block Groups with Overdue Invoices

Automatically block groups that have overdue invoices with automatic late-payment notifications if they try to make another request. Groups are automatically unblocked once past-due invoices are paid.

Google and Outlook Calendars Integrations

Automatically sync events to and from Google or Outlook Calendars to ML Schedules.

Online Payment Integrations

Collect fees quicker and more efficiently with integrations with MySchoolBucks, PayPal, Revtrak, and SchoolPay.

Ready to make the switch?

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Improve your district’s facility use request system by implementing ML Schedules at your district now with no subscription or on-boarding fees until your current Brightly subscription ends! Change systems now but only pay for one. This is a limited-time offer only available to Brightly school district subscribers.

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