Introducing our new Gallery View feature


Gallery View of buildings and facilities

New in ML Schedules

Our new ML Schedules Public Gallery View is a very useful feature for those users who are looking to display visual representations of the facilities available for reservation. Typically, our customers will upload photos of each building that can be selected. From there, all of the spaces that are made available will display with any pictures associated. The most common photos used in the Gallery View are athletic fields, gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias and conference rooms. Any space within ML Schedules can have photos associated and displayed in the Gallery View.

ML Schedules Gallery View

Submit requests from the Gallery View

Users with an approved ML Schedules account will also be able to submit requests from the Gallery View. There is the option to make this feature visible to the public so that they can see what the specific space looks like. However, if the viewer does not have an account, they will not be able to submit a request until their account is approved. Those without an account will be able to register for one from this page as well.

Overall, this feature is an excellent visual aid for requesters and those in the public looking for a facility to reserve. It is simple and easy to upload photos on the administrative side of things and the photos can be quickly updated if necessary. You can learn more about our Public Gallery View by visiting our support article