Custom Routing Paths

ML Work Orders

Simplify your work order management process by reducing work order processing and completion time with customized approval paths organized by work order, type, and/or specific facility. Easily create separate approval paths for Maintenance and IT work orders for each building.

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ML Work Orders Custom Routing

Customized Approval Process

ML Work Orders

Route work orders through a customized approval process based upon the location and/or problem type.

Custom Roles

ML Work Orders

Create a custom list of roles (e.g., approver, maintenance staff, technician) for system users.

Assign Access

ML Work Orders

Assign district staff access to different features based on their assigned role.

Set Assigned Roles

ML Work Orders

Set how many staff members are involved in the work order process and their assigned roles by district building.

Automatic Email Notifications

ML Work Orders

Set automatic email notifications to select staff members based on a change in the status of a work order.

Associate Work Orders

ML Work Orders

Easily associate work orders with district-specific budget codes.

Leverage data with powerful integrations.

Benefits of ML Work Orders

Share data across applications by utilizing productivity tools you already use. Our API automatically pushes and/or pulls data from other software programs, allowing you to work the way you want to.

ML Work Orders Integrations

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