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Help them get more out of school by getting more out of your facilities.

Reduce administrative support labor by 50% or more.
Decrease processing time from weeks to minutes.
Increase cost recovery results by maximizing facility usage.
Reduce potential liability with centralized insurance data.
Reduce operating costs with affordable subscription options.

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Google Calendar
Schedule Galaxy
Active Directory
Day Automation

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Block Group (manual and auto block with expired insurance)
(5/25/2017) District Admins can now block Groups from submitting Facility Use Requests via ML Schedules™ Software in one of two ways: Manually (e.g., if a Group has an outstanding balance or has damaged equipment in the past), or; Automatically if the ...

Linked Multiple Space Requests for One Event for easier management
(5/25/2017) Responding to and managing Facility Use Requests for multiple spaces for the same event can be cumbersome and time-consuming. For example, a single Spirit Week event may require the High School gym, cafeteria, auditorium and concession stand—each with their own support ...

New Active Directory integration speeds district user setup and increases security
(5/10/2017) Districts can greatly speed up the new district user account process while ensuring login credential validation with ML Schedules™ Software’s integration with Active Directory. The integration uses standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and is super easy to setup with ...

"For me to have everything in one spot is so much better. I used to have to track everything from e-mails to contract numbers. Now everything is all together where it's easy to find and share."
- Cheryl, Project Coordinator, Young + Wright Architectural, NY