Helping school districts improve Technology Planning for 10 years


Tempus Fugit…time flies.

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been ten years since ML Pro Services  technology specialists (via Archi-Technology, at the time) developed our first Technology Conditions Report and Plan.


Compared to today’s version, the format of the  first report was fairly simple with a text-based narrative, a supplemental planning spreadsheet, and very few graphics.


It still included technology system current conditions and recommendations but was far less reader-friendly than the current format that has been refined over the past ten years based on client needs.

A blue map of New York State with yellow bursts showing the approximate locations of more than 50 school district clients.

Fast forward almost ten years, 24+ million sq. feet of surveys, and 50 reports later. Our Comprehensive Technology Planning service deliverables have improved  by leaps and bounds including:

  • Telecom Room (TR) Conditions and Recommendations pages with photos
  • District-wide Systems Conditions and Recommendations pages with photos
  • TR Master Plans with design and construction checklists, and customized  Serving Zone drawings
  • A 10-Year Roadmap that puts projects, timelines, cost estimates, and funding sources for nine district goals on one page that everyone can understand.
  • Introductory information for the layperson to help educate stakeholders (including Board and community members) on different aspects of tech planning.

From the shores of Lake Erie to the Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier, we’d like to thank our 50+ District clients, their Architects, and our BOCES partners for letting us help them improve the way technology is planned, implemented and maintained in school buildings..