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ML Schedules

Create a closed-loop facility use request system by connecting your payment apps directly to ML Schedules®. Automatically invoice for facility usage fees and receive payments directly to your payment app account. If you do not have a payment app system, you can still manually mark invoices paid in the system and report on outstanding invoices.

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Invoice before or after an event

ML Schedules

Automatically send invoices upon approval or manually after an event has occurred with the ability to override any fee information.

Invoice different usage fees by group type or day of week

ML Schedules

Customize the fee schedule based on the group’s classification as well as the day of the week (weekday, Saturday, Sunday rates).

Option to require a 50% deposit on request approval

ML Schedules

An invoice for half the usage and support staff/equipment fees can be sent to groups upon facility use request approval, but prior to the event.

Place requesting groups on hold if invoices are overdue

ML Schedules

If a group has an overdue invoice, you can set a rule that they cannot schedule new events until the invoice is paid. The system will notify the community user that they cannot reserve space until their outstanding invoice is paid.

Integrations with commonly used payment software applications

ML Schedules Integrations

ML Schedules provides native integration to PayPal® or MySchoolBucks® software making it easier for requestors to pay invoices online and recover costs faster.

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