Preventative Maintenance

ML Work Orders

Ensure you get the maximum lifetime value out of your district’s assets with our optional Preventative Maintenance software module. Manage these critical procedures with powerful features controlled in our easy-to-use work management system.

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ML Work Orders Preventative Maintenance

Our Preventative Maintenance module allows you to:

  • Generate Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedules.
  • Prolong the life of assets within your district and prevent emergency repairs.
  • Automatically have PMs assigned to specific technicians.
  • Attach related files to PMs such as building layouts and maps.
  • Prioritize PMs based on district needs.
  • Keep track of labor hours and costs for each PM.
  • Create step by step procedures for each PM, giving your technicians knowledge of exactly what needs to be done to complete the task.
  • Provide additional information on each PM such as safety tips, tools, or materials needed to complete the job.
  • Generate reports to view upcoming PMs so that you can prepare staff ahead of time.
  • Link PMs to assets so that each work order generated can be tracked in the assets history log.

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